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SDA Media India, Traditional Influencer Management perked-up with the power of AI.

SDA Media(US) is largest Influencer management company in USA, India vertical at Perky directly manages more than 28,000 nano to gigantic influencers having collective reach of 100M+ active viewership across country.

Quality & experience in every detail

Perky’s powerful AI engine consistently evaluates the performance on more than 35 data points generating highly actionable insights resulting in higher engagement and better ROI for brands. 

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Brand Campaigns
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Campaign UGC Videos, world's first AI powered Influencer Campaign Suite

Future-proof digital solution to run your product marketing campaigns at scale. Contact us to secure your invitation pass!

ProInfluence Power-ups

Identification of the right set of influencers and audiences is a mission-critical activity directly impacting ROI & outcome. The suite makes it a cakewalk with its AI brain predicting the behavior of the audience with a higher degree of accuracy on the run.

Technology to give back

We believe technology does wonders in bringing real positive changes in everyone’s lives. We operate numerous niche product research portals directly helping consumers make better-informed buying decisions.



A For Social Good Experiment!

We launched the crowdfunding portal “” a couple of years ago and it has already made a direct positive impact on thousands of people saving their homes, covering medical expenses, or personal emergencies raising ~$3M from thousands of good souls around the world.